Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server-Price--R4,600 in Brits, North West for sale

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server-Price--R4,600

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Our prices are listed below categorically;
13"MacBook - 2.4GHz----------------Price R5,900
13"MacBook Air - 1.86GHz-----------Price R9,050
13"MacBook Air - 2.13GHz-----------Price R9,000
13"MacBook Pro - 2.4GHz -----------Price R6,000
13"MacBook Pro - 2.66GHz-----------Price R7,000
15"MacBook Pro - 2.4GHz------------Price R8,500
15"MacBook Pro - 2.53GHz-----------Price R9,500
15"MacBook Pro - 2.66GHz-----------Price R10,500
17"MacBook Pro -
17"MacBook Pro - 2.53GHz-----------Price R10,999
21"iMac - 3.06GHz------------------Price R6,000
21"iMac - 3.2GHz-------------------Price R7,000
27"iMac - 3.2GHz-------------------Price R8,550
27"iMac - 2.8GHz (Quad-Core)-------Price R8,000
27"iMac - 2.93GHz (Quad-Core)------Price R9,200
27"iMac - 2.93GHz (Quad-Core)------Price R10,000
Mac Pro - Quad-Core----------------Price R10,500
Mac Pro - 8-Co
Mac Pro - 12-Core------------------Price R17,000
Mac mini - 2.4GHz------------------Price R3,800
Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server-Price--R4,600
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